GhostGaming Remain On Top after up-and-down Day Two of the PGI NA Qualifier

GhostGaming finds a way to remain on top of the PGI NA leaderboard after a lackluster day two, which only netted them 16 kills as compared to their 42 kill day yesterday. Regardless, GhostGaming’s dominance on day one allowed for them to relax on day two and still maintain their first place standing.

2018-06-23 (4)

As a result of GhostGaming’s performance, a few teams were able to take advantage and hurtle themselves into the top three. The first notable entry is the SlimeSlugs, who entered the day at 11th place. In terms of kills per round, SlimeSlugs took the highest frag count in day two, killing 34 players. This, on top of a first and third place finish, allowed them to move up eight spots to enter day three as a potential qualifier.

By the same token, Team Gates, who opened the day in ninth, catapulted themselves right behind GhostGaming into second place. In terms of calculated, no team in the NA qualifiers moves quite like TG. Mixing breach type aggression and slow-pushing. This style allows them to play safely, and the consistency of their finishes show this teams gameplan is solid.

The “Wildcard” Wildcard Gaming

Even more impressive is the jump Wildcard Gaming made today. Entering day two in last place, Wildcard Gaming needed to play perfectly in every round and finishing the day with two fourth-place finishes, a third, and a second-place finish. They not only made that jump in placings but in kills as well.

Day One Kills: 2

Day Two Kills: 27

Wildcard played the circle to perfection and was always in the right position near the end of games. In terms of momentum carrying over to the final day, Wildcard Gaming is a team to watch out for. Going from dead in the water to in the mix for a qualifying spot gives a team much more drive. Watch for WIldcard to potentially backdoor a third-place.

Featured image courtesy of PUBG”s Official Twitch Page 

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