Serral Wins Second Consecutive Event – Takes WCS Valencia EU Challenger over Namshar

Less than 12 hours after Maru swept Zest in the GSL Code S finals, Joona “Serral” Sotala made a similar statement winning the WCS Valencia challenger and moving on to Valencia, Spain to play in the finals. Serral, coming in as the second-ranked player worldwide, displayed his dominance once again and looks like a real threat to win it all.

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Serral’s winning streak moves to 15 with the 4-1 win over the Swedish Zerg, Christoffer “Namshar” Kolmodin, and earns himself his second consecutive WCS event win, after winning WCS Austin over MaNa. As his winning streak in Europe grows, the focus will turn to Korea and how these players will try and handle this explosive Zerg.

However, the top four all qualified for the WCS finals. Three Zerg players and one Protoss will be headed to Valencia along with Serral. Snute, Namshar, and MaNa will get another chance to win a WCS title, but at this point, picturing anyone other than a Serral vs. maru final feels impossible. The worlds best Terran and the world best Zerg are headed on a collision course.

In the win over Namshar, it was a mix of heavy-macro defense, while holding off Namshar’s desperate attempts on offense. Serral showed his ability to win in every type of game, and adjust his gameplan accordingly. He came in as the heavy favorite and followed suit.

Next stop: Valencia

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