Summer Games Done Quick 2018 Livestream Details, Schedule, and Donate Links

Summer Games Done Quick 2018 is underway. The week-long speedrunning marathon benefiting Doctors Without Borders is back with hundreds of games on the schedule. It’s a week of total celebration for speedrunners, fans getting to watch their favorite games as a kid get absolutely dismantled, and of course, coming together to benefit a great cause and raise awareness.

If you want to join the cause, click below to donate (and get your message read live on stream)


Looking where to find more information, well click here for the entire week’s schedule

Runs to Watch out for

Day one concluded with some absolutely earth-shattering runs on games considered to be of a higher difficulty. The first few runs that grabbed my attention were late into Monday morning when the small Ninja Gaiden block began. Of course, the original Ninja Gaiden game is one of the most optimized speedruns in the entire landscape of speedruns and seeing Aquas run that and Gimmick, another technically sound and optimized game, back-to-back was quite the show.

In terms of other runs that stood out, ERROR72’s high-risk run of Ghost N’ Goblins was excellent. Two hits in a game with millions of flying enemies kill. It’s glorious to experience. As a noted diehard WarCraft 3 fan, no way was I going to miss CovertMuffin’s Undead Campaign Normal run. Lastly, I implore SGDQ fans to stay up late and check out all the weird runs in SGDQ after dark.

Day Two Runs to Watch out for


The modern staple of speedrunning advancement is the role of Mega Man, and as a Games Done Quick mainstay, it’s critical to find a stream to watch to watch one of the more exciting events every single year. Mega Man 6 Any%, Mega Man 9 ANy%, and Mega Man Zero 4 any%. The event starts at 6:39 PM PCT.

2. Dustforce DX: Any% All Levels (NG+) Race — PC

Dustforce is a ridiculous cool speedrun. The movement mechanics in the game are so precise and flow nicely. It’s a shorter, technically sound run that needs to be witnessed.

3. The Simpsons Hit & Run: All-Story Missions – PC

Yes, “technically” this is a day three game, but most people don’t wake up at five in the morning to watch speedruns. If you are able to wake up that early, I highly suggest turning the stream to watch this wacky run. Nothing specifically impressive about it, but it’s a ton of fun

Featured photo courtesy of Games Done Quick Facebook page

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