Team Liquid Bounced Out Early at ESL One: Cologne

In a surprising turn of events, Team Liquid, the seventh-ranked CS:GO team in the world was eliminated by North in an intensely close set.  The loss sent Liquid packing after suffering a loss at the hands of BIG, 16-7, and ended their ESL Cologne run extremely quickly. One of the prohibitive favorites entering the tournament is out first.


The funny part is Team Liquid entered this tournament taking their last three over BIG and even finding success against North. In any case, the sloppy start to the weekend brought them instantly to the brink of elimination and failing to close a number of round leads that ultimately led to nothing. Against North, they took pistol round every single time, but besides NAF’s huge performance on Train, this team failed to capitalize.

On Train, Liquid did almost everything right: got pistol round, won first kill 17-8 times, and had strong performances but TACO failing to get going coupled EliGe sitting at around 16 kills doomed them. Overall, failing to kill Valde, who had a match-low 37 deaths and letting him roam free was a detriment. Valde deserves credit for not only staying alive but also using that survivability to end up getting huge flank opportunities. NAF did all that he could, dropping a match-high 53 kills, but nit0, TACO, and EliGe went a combined -20.


Based on the numbers alone, it’s almost shocking that Team Liquid lost. Every category matches up with the usual winning team, but when two players are consistently losing gunfights it’s hard to adjust. Team Liquid, who’s been up-and-down in recent months, showed up and dropped the ball. One of the most explosive teams in Counter-Strike completely shut down.

North will move on to face MIBR, who got beat handily by FaZe Clan. Even the team Team Liquid got upset in the first round, BIG, got badly beaten by Fnatic. It wasn’t the strongest week for Team Liquid, and it looks to be a problem of support within the team.

Featured image courtesy of ESL One: Cologne Stream

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