Gen. G Gold Chokes Away $26k in Close Second Place Finish at the PSS Finals

In a wild turn of events, Gen. G Gold lost their lead in the final map to the OP Gaming Rangers who bided their time and capitalized off a lackluster final few rounds for Gen G. Gold. The gold squad out of the Gen. G esports organization have been a pillar in Korea’s PUBG gaming scene, but the OP Rangers pulled the rug out from underneath them.

Gen G. Gold started out on an absolute tear of opposing teams. What the gold squad did in rounds one and two weren’t just winning, it was obliterating the opposing squads. 30 combined kills through the first two rounds and it was coming easy early on. Each engagement went perfectly for Gen. G Gold, allowing them to play more of a breach style and get multi-kills by being in range for grenade throws. It was quite impressive to see the combination of positioning and the right weapon decisions being made consistently.

However, the downfall for Gen G Gold on finals day resided in the final two rounds: zero kills and a bottom five placement on both maps. Despite two wins and third place finish with 33 total kills, that wasn’t good enough to get this team over the top. In that time, the OP Rangers were averaging a fifth-place finish and were dropping high kill games in every round. Without anyone noticing, OP Rangers quietly took over what looked to be an insurmountable lead.

All this is not even mentioning the $26k prize money they lost out on by dying early, without kills on the last two maps. Talk about falling into the trap of big leads. Gen G Gold is still regarded as likely the best Korean team, and this loss will only be looked at as a small setback.


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