SonicFox Wins Dragon Ball Fighter Z at Northwest Majors X Following in the Fury Suit

SonicFox’s skill goes against the laws of physics. There are only a few players who are able to keep up with ChrisG’s speed and damage output. SonicFox is not only able to stick with Chris G but in the ultimate move of disrespect, is able to beat Chris in his fury-form. After a first set-reset from ChrisG, in which he was pushed to game five, SonicFox had a fairly easy four-game win in set two to take the title.

Beyond The Summit’s DBZF invitational was only a few weeks ago, and despite a disappointing result from SonicFox in the finals, he bounces back to win Northwest Major only a few weeks later. His team of Android 18, Kid Buu, and Cell had little difficulties outside of the finals. The only blemish on his record at Northwest Majors was to Chris G, not dropping around until Grand Finals.

In the matchup with Chris G, SonicFox displayed varying levels of cross-ups with Android 18. The big counter was Tien’s level three air super that catches opponents out of the air. In the bracket reset, Chris G landed a number of these that eventually setup into hard mix-ups on knockdown. The problem was Tien was forced to be used as a comeback mechanic putting Chris G constantly behind in life lead.

Featured image via SonicFox Twitter

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Team Gates Comes From Behind on Day Three to Win the PGI NA Qualifier

When GhostGaming came out of the backstage after it was announced that they finished second overall, after carrying the lead for eleven straight rounds, they carried a look of pure despair. Team Gates, a middling team that doesn’t have any significant wins on the record, played solid PUBG all weekend which allowed them to steal a win away from the top-ranked GhostGaming.

2018-06-24 (21)
Photo via

After GhostGaming barely survived the onslaught of day two, Team Gates seemed to slowly and methodically close the gap between the two.Ā  It wasn’t a heroic kill effort that put Team Gates over the top, but their constant movement towards better positioning and using vehicles safely. TG never matched GhostGaming’s 42-kills one day-one, but no team came close in top-five finishes. TG ended up with six top-five placements and eight top-10.

Luckily, GhostGaming qualifies for the finals in Berlin regardless of losing out on the top prize. Along with those two teams, Honey Badger Nation, who had a very impressive showing, winning a few rounds along the way. Across the board, HBN showed up in a strong way. Five games HBN tallied double-digit kill totals and ended day one with the second highest kill total.

The Next Three Team

SlimeSquad, Cloud 9, Optic, and Tempo Storm, all esteemed teams in North America all missed out by a few hundred points. The problem was the inconsistency with these teams. Take Optic Gaming for example, who had an incredible weekend in terms of placing, but the lack of heavy-kill rounds significantly set them back.

Looking at Wildcard Gaming, they started in last place on day one, dropped the highest kill scores on day two, only to have a conservative total on day three and finish in eigtht. Same goes for The God Squad that dropped 43 total kills today, giving themselves a chance in the end. However, Team Gates was able to do it all and eventually surpass the juggernaut Ghost Gaming to win it all.

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The International 8 Qualifiers All-Encompassing Update

The Dota 2 streams have been non-stop this week, broadcasting the endless amount of hours of TI8 qualifying streams. North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia all had their qualifying tournaments this weekend and heading into the last day of play before the TI8 team pool is completed, there’s a clearer picture.

Embed from Getty Images

Here’s an update –

North America

One team has already advanced out of North America and that’s VGJ. Storm. The second best team in North America possibly usurped the role as the continents best. The only loss of the weekend came to Complexity, but it didn’t matter because the 6-1 record sent them into the 1-3 tiebreaker where VGJ. Storm had little trouble dispensing of Optic Gaming, and getting revenge on Complexity with a 27-minute game.

The next round will be the surviving two teams from the tiebreaker matches and the Immortals, who got carried by a strongĀ Eric “Ryoya” Dong performance, putting his team on his back to keep their International hopes alive. Immortals will try and carry that momentum into a matchup with the number one ranked team in North America, Optic Gaming. Complexity matches up against Evil Geniuses, a matchup Complexity won in group play.


The final four is here and only one of these teams is qualifying for the International. OG, one of the four EU qualifying teams, made a statement with the 7-0 group play record. Team Kinguin, ranked eleventh in Europe, will look to catch OG slipping.

In the other match, War and Rain, an unranked team, will face BlinkPool. It’s two rather inexperienced teams playing crucial games that could potentially send them to Vancouver. BlinkPool is made up of an entirely new roster, and the fact that they’ve made it this far shows plenty of potentials.

Is it likely that anyone takes out the consensus best team in Europe? Unlikely. OG is a few steps above the rest of the competition, and beating them in a best of three, given past history, doesn’t seem probable.Ā  Any result other than OG heading to TI9 would surprise us all.

Southeast Asia

It’s the TNC show in Southeast Asia as both the Pro Team and the Tigers look prime to advance through and qualify. They finished first and second in the group, and now have a prime opportunity to beat out two lesser teams. TNC as the number one ranked team in the region is expected to be a contender moving forward.

Fnatic and Entity Gaming are capable of pulling the upset out. It’s entirely possible one or both take a few games or pull the upset. Entity is responsible for the Tigers lone loss thus far, so a potential losers bracket matchup could swing things in their favor. FNATIC has shown before that they’re able to raise their game to match the moment. They’ll have to do it one more time.

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2GG: Hyrule Saga Day One: MKLeo victim of the Upset as Elegant and Stroder surprise in teams

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Nintendo Switch

MKLeo entered the day as the prohibitive favorite to win the tournament among a crowded field of names, and the result is a disappointing effort against Japanese King Dedede main Zaki, sends him to fight out of the losers bracket. MKLeo starts in losers round two, and Zaki moves into a potential match up with California Fox main Charlie.

Zaki clearly had a feeling for how MKLeo wanted to approach with Cloud. The use of the ledge and double-jump with a fast fall neutral-air, maximizing King Dedede’s giant hitbox. The defensive play gave MKLeo issues in getting hits. Anytime MKLeo tried to get in it fed right into Zaki’s gameplan.

In similar fashion to other Japanese players (“T” the Link main), Zaki’s a low-tier main that uses his character unlike any player in the United States. Zaki makes King Dedede look fast by not wasting movement. The constant movement coming out his tough for opponents to handle, especially when his directional input is top notch. The crowd was on his side and he delivered a huge upset on day one.

Elegant and Stroder in Grand Finals

Elegant, the California-native Luigi main, teaming with Arizona’sĀ Guillermo “Stroder” A. Martinez Jr., otherwise known as the US’s best Greeninja player. The synergy is evident when watching these two trade off blows and display a keen sense of spacing. With one match left to go, we’ll see if the pressure gets to them.

Wins over Kamememe and Abadango, Mr. R and NAKAT, amd a winners finals slam over Marss and Light. Impressive display of teamwork from one of the most unlikelist teams to reach this point, shocking the bracket and three stage wins away from a title.

Featured photo via 2GG Gaming

GhostGaming Remain On Top after up-and-down Day Two of the PGI NA Qualifier

GhostGaming finds a way to remain on top of the PGI NA leaderboard after a lackluster day two, which only netted them 16 kills as compared to their 42 kill day yesterday. Regardless, GhostGaming’s dominance on day one allowed for them to relax on day two and still maintain their first place standing.

2018-06-23 (4)

As a result of GhostGaming’s performance, a few teams were able to take advantage and hurtle themselves into the top three. The first notable entry is the SlimeSlugs, who entered the day at 11th place. In terms of kills per round, SlimeSlugs took the highest frag count in day two, killing 34 players. This, on top of a first and third place finish, allowed them to move up eight spots to enter day three as a potential qualifier.

By the same token, Team Gates, who opened the day in ninth, catapulted themselves right behind GhostGaming into second place. In terms of calculated, no team in the NA qualifiers moves quite like TG. Mixing breach type aggression and slow-pushing. This style allows them to play safely, and the consistency of their finishes show this teams gameplan is solid.

The “Wildcard” Wildcard Gaming

Even more impressive is the jump Wildcard Gaming made today. Entering day two in last place, Wildcard Gaming needed to play perfectly in every round and finishing the day with two fourth-place finishes, a third, and a second-place finish. They not only made that jump in placings but in kills as well.

Day One Kills: 2

Day Two Kills: 27

Wildcard played the circle to perfection and was always in the right position near the end of games. In terms of momentum carrying over to the final day, Wildcard Gaming is a team to watch out for. Going from dead in the water to in the mix for a qualifying spot gives a team much more drive. Watch for WIldcard to potentially backdoor a third-place.

Featured image courtesy ofĀ PUBG”s Official Twitch PageĀ 

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Serral Wins Second Consecutive Event – Takes WCS Valencia EU Challenger over Namshar

Less than 12 hours after Maru swept Zest in the GSL Code S finals, Joona “Serral” Sotala made a similar statement winning the WCS Valencia challenger and moving on to Valencia, Spain to play in the finals. Serral, coming in as the second-ranked player worldwide, displayed his dominance once again and looks like a real threat to win it all.

Embed from Getty Images

Serral’s winning streak moves to 15 with the 4-1 win over the Swedish Zerg,Ā Christoffer “Namshar” Kolmodin, and earns himself his second consecutive WCS event win, after winning WCS Austin over MaNa. As his winning streak in Europe grows, the focus will turn to Korea and how these players will try and handle this explosive Zerg.

However, the top four all qualified for the WCS finals. Three Zerg players and one Protoss will be headed to Valencia along with Serral. Snute, Namshar, and MaNa will get another chance to win a WCS title, but at this point, picturing anyone other than a Serral vs. maru final feels impossible. The worlds best Terran and the world best Zerg are headed on a collision course.

In the win over Namshar, it was a mix of heavy-macro defense, while holding off Namshar’s desperate attempts on offense. Serral showed his ability to win in every type of game, and adjust his gameplan accordingly. He came in as the heavy favorite and followed suit.

Next stop: Valencia

Photo credit toĀ


2gg: Hyrule Saga Good Test for Players before Summer Super-Majors

2GG’s latest tournament is Hyrule Saga and as always the player list is filled with recognizable names and past champions. The California local,Ā James “VoiD” Makekau-Tyson, is coming off a win at Smash N’ Splash earlier this month, a win he earned over Evo champĀ Saleem “Salem” Akiel Young. Those two players will be the two to keep an eye on as we head into Sunday.

On top of those names, the current world number oneĀ Leonardo “MKLeo” Lopez Perez will be in attendance. It’s a long list of players who are capable of going on a run and winning it all. In total, 9-10 players are legitimately capable of winning, and that’s what is going to make this a wild weekend of Smash.

Here’s a list of players attending. As I stated earlier, it’s just another tournament in a long line of 2GG tournaments with an excellent lineup.

2018-06-23 (2)