Serral Setting his Sights on WCS EU Championship after beating MaNa

It’s no surprise to anyone who’s been following StarCraft in the recent months, Joona “Serral” Sotala, the Finish phenom, is eyeing another win at a WCS qualifying event. The run for Serral shows a certain dominance over the region that only a few before him have ever achieved.

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The 3-0 win over Grzegorz “MaNa” Komincz sends Serral into the finals awaiting the winner of Snute and Mashamar. Serral already has a win over Namashar in this event, as Serral won the group of death, taking the win in the zerg mirror match. It’s been a smooth, easy ride for Serral up to this point.

Currently sitting at 10-1 in overall map total, it’s tough to see one of the remaining players giving Europe’s best an actual test. His play has put him in the pantheon of the worlds best and has separated himself from the rest of Europe. 2018 has more-or-less been a long run for Serral, as he’s just coming off a win at WCS Austin.

From here on, he will face a Zerg player. A matchup he’s undoubtedly strong at but has shown more struggle as compared to Protoss or Terran. As Rotterdam put it earlier on the broadcast, “he doesn’t lose,” so it’s safe to assume who the heavy favorite will be regardless of the matchup.


Maru Sweeps GSL Code S Finals

StarCraft 2 was elevated to new heights this evening with Cho “Maru” Sung Choo winning his second consecutive code S GSL title. Maru not only surpassed other terrans in this era with his dominance from a young age but became a towering figure in the world of Starcraft. Maru’s now can now be mentioned among the greats.


The win over Joo”Zest Sung Wook puts Maru on a path that only a few Starcraft professionals have been able to conquer. A third win in Code S would far-surpass any player in the era. The player who started as a young 16-yeard old is now on the brink of accomplishing feats few players have before him.

In light of this, Maru’s sweep over Zest will go down as one of the more lopsided victories in history. From start-to-finish, Maru had the upper hand. It was evident from Darkness Sanctuary on that this was Maru’s game to win and no one would be able to stop the onslaught. On most maps, it was a landslide victory, with Maru having a constant advantage in the economy and having the bigger numbers.

The 4-0 sweep will mark one of the largest margins of victory in GSL history. Maru’s separating himself from the pack, and putting himself on a path toward Starcraft glory. Maru can already be mentioned among the likes of Lee”Flash” Young Ho and other legends of the game. His sweeps confirm his dominance over this era.