2GG: Hyrule Saga Day One: MKLeo victim of the Upset as Elegant and Stroder surprise in teams

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Nintendo Switch

MKLeo entered the day as the prohibitive favorite to win the tournament among a crowded field of names, and the result is a disappointing effort against Japanese King Dedede main Zaki, sends him to fight out of the losers bracket. MKLeo starts in losers round two, and Zaki moves into a potential match up with California Fox main Charlie.

Zaki clearly had a feeling for how MKLeo wanted to approach with Cloud. The use of the ledge and double-jump with a fast fall neutral-air, maximizing King Dedede’s giant hitbox. The defensive play gave MKLeo issues in getting hits. Anytime MKLeo tried to get in it fed right into Zaki’s gameplan.

In similar fashion to other Japanese players (“T” the Link main), Zaki’s a low-tier main that uses his character unlike any player in the United States. Zaki makes King Dedede look fast by not wasting movement. The constant movement coming out his tough for opponents to handle, especially when his directional input is top notch. The crowd was on his side and he delivered a huge upset on day one.

Elegant and Stroder in Grand Finals

Elegant, the California-native Luigi main, teaming with Arizona’s Guillermo “Stroder” A. Martinez Jr., otherwise known as the US’s best Greeninja player. The synergy is evident when watching these two trade off blows and display a keen sense of spacing. With one match left to go, we’ll see if the pressure gets to them.

Wins over Kamememe and Abadango, Mr. R and NAKAT, amd a winners finals slam over Marss and Light. Impressive display of teamwork from one of the most unlikelist teams to reach this point, shocking the bracket and three stage wins away from a title.

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2gg: Hyrule Saga Good Test for Players before Summer Super-Majors

2GG’s latest tournament is Hyrule Saga and as always the player list is filled with recognizable names and past champions. The California local, James “VoiD” Makekau-Tyson, is coming off a win at Smash N’ Splash earlier this month, a win he earned over Evo champ Saleem “Salem” Akiel Young. Those two players will be the two to keep an eye on as we head into Sunday.

On top of those names, the current world number one Leonardo “MKLeo” Lopez Perez will be in attendance. It’s a long list of players who are capable of going on a run and winning it all. In total, 9-10 players are legitimately capable of winning, and that’s what is going to make this a wild weekend of Smash.

Here’s a list of players attending. As I stated earlier, it’s just another tournament in a long line of 2GG tournaments with an excellent lineup.

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