Gen. G Gold Chokes Away $26k in Close Second Place Finish at the PSS Finals

In a wild turn of events, Gen. G Gold lost their lead in the final map to the OP Gaming Rangers who bided their time and capitalized off a lackluster final few rounds for Gen G. Gold. The gold squad out of the Gen. G esports organization have been a pillar in Korea’s PUBG gaming scene, but the OP Rangers pulled the rug out from underneath them.

Gen G. Gold started out on an absolute tear of opposing teams. What the gold squad did in rounds one and two weren’t just winning, it was obliterating the opposing squads. 30 combined kills through the first two rounds and it was coming easy early on. Each engagement went perfectly for Gen. G Gold, allowing them to play more of a breach style and get multi-kills by being in range for grenade throws. It was quite impressive to see the combination of positioning and the right weapon decisions being made consistently.

However, the downfall for Gen G Gold on finals day resided in the final two rounds: zero kills and a bottom five placement on both maps. Despite two wins and third place finish with 33 total kills, that wasn’t good enough to get this team over the top. In that time, the OP Rangers were averaging a fifth-place finish and were dropping high kill games in every round. Without anyone noticing, OP Rangers quietly took over what looked to be an insurmountable lead.

All this is not even mentioning the $26k prize money they lost out on by dying early, without kills on the last two maps. Talk about falling into the trap of big leads. Gen G Gold is still regarded as likely the best Korean team, and this loss will only be looked at as a small setback.


GLL PUBG Season 2 European Finalist: Pittsburgh Knights Win Big

Season two of the Global Loot League has come to an end with a number of different regions qualifying for the Grand Finals in August. The North America season ended last night with Team Gates winning week six overall, but Totality placing first.  Europe’s finals ended this afternoon and the top seven teams have been decided:


The Pittsburgh Knights ended the tournament as the top squad, earning nearly five thousand points. The Knights also led the European division in overall kills with 147. The next three qualifying teams hovered around 4,100 using different approaches.  FaZe Clan finished second relying on aggressive pushing on enemy teams and fighting as much as possible. Team Vitality is a more patient group, winning round four in week six. Team Liquid understands how to place high without engaging better than anyone.

The next four teams to fill into those bottom four spots: Moonwolf in fifth (3,810 pts, 131 kills), Penta Esports in sixth (3,757 pts, 99 kills), and in the last qualifying spot Team Extra from Germany grab it wth a staggering 138 kills. Method missed out by a measly 48 points, meaning each one of those 138 Extra kills mattered in the end. G2 also missed out by a few hundred points. Razor thing margin up-and-down, with the Knights sperating themselves at the top.


The Roundup: CS:GO Dreamhack, IEM Shanghai Oceanic, and Curse Rivals Updates

Welcome to the roundup – The Roundup is a piece of quick, factual news about the results around the world of esports in a litany of different games and tournaments. The bulk of today’s load was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive qualifying events. Here’s how each one played out:


Dreamhack Masters Stockholm North American Qualifier

  • GhostGaming, who qualified out of the open bracket to even have a chance to play in this qualifier, ended up beating the favorites eUnited (2-1), and Complexity (2-1), who was on a bye. GhostGaming put themselves in a big spot to potentially upset Rogue in winners and make it to Dreamhack Masters Stockholm.
  • The even comes down to four teams and four games: Rogue vs. GhostGaming, eUnited vs. Complexity. On the outset, Rogue looks like the clear favorite to take the only qualifying spot, but either of Complexity or eUnited coming out of the lower-bracket can give them trouble if GhostGaming doesn’t play at this level tomorrow.
  • On the European side, Optic Gaming will face Nobodo, who took out the top-seeded Virtus. Pro, and winner will advance to face HellRaisers.

IEM Shanghai Oceanic Closed Qualifiers

  • In no surprise, Greyhound ended up taking a decisive victory over the Chiefs to qualify for IEM Shanghai. The best team in that region showed up and only dropped a few maps during their run.
  • Greyhound started the finals winning 16-0, only to come back a game later and lose 16-14 against the Chiefs, Luckily, they figured it out and ended up winning 3-1.

Curse Rivals 2v2 PUBG Monthly

  • Curse puts on a double tournament every month and here are June’s winners:




Team WTSG Steals the Spotlight from Faze and Team Liquid in week five of the GLL Season

After the first two rounds of week five, Team Liquid and Faze Gaming were lapping the competition. The two most respected teams in Europe came through strong, but in the end, it was WTSG (Welcome to South Georgopool) that stole the day. Two back-to-back chicken dinners for WTSG pushed the over the top, and into the top 20.

For team WTSG, it was the peak of their season today. After winning week four of Bravo and earning a spot in the Alpha group, the heavy-fragging Welcome to South Georgopool came into week five of the Alpha group and never backed down to the likes of Team Liquid or FaZe. Even after a slow start in round one, their ability to slay showed up big and carried them to a couple victories.

The forgotten aspect of their decisive win today was in how they stayed together, pushed the circle correctly, and landed the kills necessary when positioning lined up correctly. They even managed to finish second to FaZe in the second round meaning there was potential to take three of four rounds. Overall, fairly impressive showing from a team who was playing in Bravo last week.

Team Liquid and FaZe Build Leads

FaZe brought it today, despite a rather lackluster second half. The 36 kill total leads all qualified teams and was nine better than the next best team (team WTSG). No team moves quite like FaZe, and despite some odd circles that went against their position, FaZe still managed to stick to coordinate attacks without proper cover.

Team Liquid also had a nice afternoon and stuck to their basic game plan of slow-playing and focusing on circle positioning. In most cases, Team Liquid is in the best position with the most open space. This happened in the first two games, and it almost netted them two wins without a smart FaZe flank in the closing circle to seal the win.

The two sit second and third, respectively, in the Alpha group. One for their exceptional kill rating and the other for placing high in nearly every round with superior positioning. The team leading in overall points, the Knights, are doing a fairly good job in both categories, only sitting one kill behind FaZe for most in the GLL season two. The Knights also fought through some bad situations en route to a pretty successful week five.

FaZe and the Knights are in a dead heat for the top spot, only separated by a few hundred points. Team Liquid is a little farther down the list with the best overall pacing record, but 45 kills less than FaZe and Knights. Team WTSG looks like a serious threat moving forward. They’re unquestionably on a hot streak, but it will be interesting to see where that team ends up in season two.

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Team Gates Comes From Behind on Day Three to Win the PGI NA Qualifier

When GhostGaming came out of the backstage after it was announced that they finished second overall, after carrying the lead for eleven straight rounds, they carried a look of pure despair. Team Gates, a middling team that doesn’t have any significant wins on the record, played solid PUBG all weekend which allowed them to steal a win away from the top-ranked GhostGaming.

2018-06-24 (21)
Photo via

After GhostGaming barely survived the onslaught of day two, Team Gates seemed to slowly and methodically close the gap between the two.  It wasn’t a heroic kill effort that put Team Gates over the top, but their constant movement towards better positioning and using vehicles safely. TG never matched GhostGaming’s 42-kills one day-one, but no team came close in top-five finishes. TG ended up with six top-five placements and eight top-10.

Luckily, GhostGaming qualifies for the finals in Berlin regardless of losing out on the top prize. Along with those two teams, Honey Badger Nation, who had a very impressive showing, winning a few rounds along the way. Across the board, HBN showed up in a strong way. Five games HBN tallied double-digit kill totals and ended day one with the second highest kill total.

The Next Three Team

SlimeSquad, Cloud 9, Optic, and Tempo Storm, all esteemed teams in North America all missed out by a few hundred points. The problem was the inconsistency with these teams. Take Optic Gaming for example, who had an incredible weekend in terms of placing, but the lack of heavy-kill rounds significantly set them back.

Looking at Wildcard Gaming, they started in last place on day one, dropped the highest kill scores on day two, only to have a conservative total on day three and finish in eigtht. Same goes for The God Squad that dropped 43 total kills today, giving themselves a chance in the end. However, Team Gates was able to do it all and eventually surpass the juggernaut Ghost Gaming to win it all.

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GhostGaming Remain On Top after up-and-down Day Two of the PGI NA Qualifier

GhostGaming finds a way to remain on top of the PGI NA leaderboard after a lackluster day two, which only netted them 16 kills as compared to their 42 kill day yesterday. Regardless, GhostGaming’s dominance on day one allowed for them to relax on day two and still maintain their first place standing.

2018-06-23 (4)

As a result of GhostGaming’s performance, a few teams were able to take advantage and hurtle themselves into the top three. The first notable entry is the SlimeSlugs, who entered the day at 11th place. In terms of kills per round, SlimeSlugs took the highest frag count in day two, killing 34 players. This, on top of a first and third place finish, allowed them to move up eight spots to enter day three as a potential qualifier.

By the same token, Team Gates, who opened the day in ninth, catapulted themselves right behind GhostGaming into second place. In terms of calculated, no team in the NA qualifiers moves quite like TG. Mixing breach type aggression and slow-pushing. This style allows them to play safely, and the consistency of their finishes show this teams gameplan is solid.

The “Wildcard” Wildcard Gaming

Even more impressive is the jump Wildcard Gaming made today. Entering day two in last place, Wildcard Gaming needed to play perfectly in every round and finishing the day with two fourth-place finishes, a third, and a second-place finish. They not only made that jump in placings but in kills as well.

Day One Kills: 2

Day Two Kills: 27

Wildcard played the circle to perfection and was always in the right position near the end of games. In terms of momentum carrying over to the final day, Wildcard Gaming is a team to watch out for. Going from dead in the water to in the mix for a qualifying spot gives a team much more drive. Watch for WIldcard to potentially backdoor a third-place.

Featured image courtesy of PUBG”s Official Twitch Page 

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