Optic Gaming Lose to a Winless team but End CWL Pro League Week Seven in a First Place Tie

Optic Gaming, in one single day of the Call of Duty World League, lost to a Tainted Minds team that entered the day winless and also helped themselves in the standings by sneaking out a win over Complexity and now sit in a first-place tie with Rise Nation.

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In a rather wacky day of Call of Duty, Optic Gaming choking and then redeeming themselves to end this week with a net positive was a perfect cherry on top of a messy sundae. Not only did Optic Gaming lost to Tainted Minds, but Rise Nation fell 3-0 to Complexity and Unilad lost a close one to eUnited. It was a big day of upsets, on top of Optic tying up Rise Nation in win percentage. The three top seeds were upset in some capacity and it helped mix up the current standings.

For Complexity, sweeping Rise Nation and getting edged out by Optic Gaming won’t do them any favors in catching eUnited for that fourth and final spot. With eUnited winning over Unilad, Complexity still sits a game behind a playoff spot, but the fortunate part is players like Dashy and Censor are stepping up with huge kill numbers trying to push this team over the top.

For Optic, it’s not looking like a complete product to end the season. Scump was an absolute monster for Optic in week seven, putting the entirety of the team on his aggressive submachine gunplay, picking up Crimsix and Methodz’s lackluster play. Scump is finally looking adjusted to the type of play in World War II. Optic still has yet to put a full team effort together and with one week to go, it’s unlikely this team reaches that point.

It’s been the Scump show on game types that aren’t Search and Destroy, and been the objective minded slayer that he is on hardpoints and capture the flag. On the two deathmatch modes, Scump is unbelievable at holding down areas. He’s a one-man wrecking crew in those positions, but this team can’t find the right touch for Search.

Optic Gaming even fell down 2-1 to Complexity and almost ended the day in a fight for their playoff lives. Now with the win secured and a matchup with Rise Nation next week, Optic can focus on potentially besting Rise Nation and earning that top overall seed.

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Echo Fox Reverse Sweeps Team Kaliber a day after doing it to Red Reserve in the CWL Pro League

One day after ending Red Reserve’s win streak with a reverse sweep, Echo Fox comes from the depths of a 0-3 halftime deficit against Team Kaliber, in game three, down two maps, to pulling out one of the most remarkable comebacks of season two. It took all Echo Fox had to offer, but they pulled off the upset and moved ahead of TK in the standings.

Game One – Hardpoint

In similar fashion to Red Reserve, Team Kaliber started off playing a strong defensive game, mainly using Accuracy to hold down the hardpoint as the SMG’s go out and pick off Echo Fox at spawn. Accuracy was the hero of London Docks, as TK could rely on him holding down the point with little help. This lead to big plays, as Accuracy setup perfectly when the point was finally secured.

Accuracy ended up dropping 41 kills on Docks and was a +14 in kill-death ratio. He turned a number of bad situations into favorable ones, with the correct spacing on approaching SMG’s. Accuracy stayed out of range, making it tough to get in on him. Outside of that F3RO and Kenny traded enough to earn the win.

Game Two – Search & Destroy

Search & Destroy is where Echo Fox made it’s living against Evil Geniuses and Red Reserve yesterday, but going against F3RO and an impressive TK setup on Ardennes Forest, sending Accuracy top-side and letting F3RO roam, caused problems for Exho Fox. It was a struggle trying to break that setup, and that showed up with F3RO’s and Accuracy’s kill-death. Kenny, on the other hand, played extremely aggressive and often times traded positively on his SMG.

Kenny dropped 11 kills on the TK map win. Saints had his moments on this map for Echo Fox, but with Faccento getting shut down trying to work towards the high-ground, where Accuracy setup, it wasn’t enough. TK also worked the objective much more efficiently than Echo Fox getting almost double the plants.

Game Three – Flak Tower

45 seconds into Flak Tower, F3RO picked a few kills, grabbed the flag, and returned it to his base. This put immense pressure on Echo Fox to step up and do something. Nothing change after that in the first half, TK continued to push all half. F3RO went absolutely off early on. It wasn’t until a quick two caps from Temp that spurred the comeback.

In every situation, every map count, and any deficit, Echo Fox is finding miracle ways to win these maps. The work on Flak Tower is nothing short of miraculous. When this team needed plays, someone was bound to step up. Look at Temp, before his captures, he was getting out-fragged badly in his base against F3RO. However, when Echo Fox needed it most, he played objective-based and pushed two huge flag caps.

The hero play coming out of Aqua, against both TK and Red Reserve, deserves plenty of attention. He wasn’t the main fragger for Echo Fox, but when a play was needed to be made Aqua has consistently made it.

The Magic of Echo Fox Saints and Faccento

There’s plenty of crossover between these two teams. Faccento, as he said in his post-game interview, grew up playing with some of the TK guys. Saints earned his notoriety with Team Kaliber and are now one of the best assault rifle players in the CWL. There’s no love lost, and after their performances today it’s sure to add fuel to the rivalry fire.

In the last two days, Saints has put up daunting numbers, finding a large number of kills. The final two games of the matchup with TK lead to huge clutch plays from both players, the cornerstone of Echo Fox’s 3-0 week five was the clutch plays in key moments.

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Echo Fox Beats Top Two Teams in Division on Same Day

Echo Fox entered the day needing a lot of help to make the playoffs as the end of the season approaches. Fox started with a losing record of 3-4 and unfortunately had a date with the two best teams in division A. In all likelihood, Echo Fox was looking down the barrel of a 0-2 day and possibly ruining any chances at a playoff spot, but that’s not what ended up happening.

Luckily, Echo Fox got some huge performances in the games and dominated on their strongest game-type: Search and Destroy. It was a bloodbath on Search rounds with Aqua and SAINTS refusing to die while dealing huge damage. In their three Search wins today, those two players ended with a combined double-digit kill-death rating, meaning they were lapping Team Liquid and Red Reserve.

Take this play from Faceccento from Echo Fox, this video shows exactly how a player needs to play the one-vs-one situation, but also what objective minded movement entails. This play was the turning point of that match and sent EG spiraling a bit. In all honesty, no one recovers from a ninja bomb defuse.

Red Reserve Failing to Close the Game Out

The day started out badly for the underdog, Echo Fox. Falling in the first two games to Red Reserve. A Red Reserve team leading the division at a 6-1 record and coming off a successful campaign at CWL Anaheim, but Echo Fox and Saints had a different plan. The plan involved completely shutting down the Anaheim MVP in Red Reserve Zer0. And despite falling down 2-0, Echo Fox found a new gear allowing them to push through.

Aside from the cleverness and execution on Search maps from Echo Fox, it was the fast pace play of Hardpoint that won them these games today. It was Echo Fox as the aggressor, making it tough to get anything in terms of positioning against them. The rotations on points and gun-fight defense earned them a number of maps that they usually struggle on.

The work of Saints, Temp, Faccento in a more objective-minded role, and Aqua, who absolutely came in clutch on Search maps will try and bring this momentum to catch Team Kaliber and Envy, who sit at 5-3. The effort will require more outstanding hardpoint defenses like this one.

Rest of the Results

Team Kaliber did help their playoff chances today with a 3-1 win over Spylce, which came through excellent slaying from Kenny and the rest of TK. The win moves them a half a game above Exho Fox and pushes Splyce down the standings at 3-5. Team Kaliber made few mistakes in the win and made plays when they needed it most.

Envy Us also got a big win over FaZe, and stick a half-game above Echo Fox like Team Kaliber. In the next few days, TK will get to face Echo Fox, which is an incredibly important game after how Echo Fox exploded today. Both EnvyUs and TK face both Echo Fox and Epsilon (0-8) so it could be a similar type of result for both teams.

Fortunately for the top teams, despite a bad start to week five they will have a shot at each other and to potentially win the top seed in the division outright. It’s possible to see some movement of that first and second seed if things go astray the rest of the week. Will be interesting to see how EG and Red Reserve bounce back after the loss to Echo Fox.

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