Team WTSG Steals the Spotlight from Faze and Team Liquid in week five of the GLL Season

After the first two rounds of week five, Team Liquid and Faze Gaming were lapping the competition. The two most respected teams in Europe came through strong, but in the end, it was WTSG (Welcome to South Georgopool) that stole the day. Two back-to-back chicken dinners for WTSG pushed the over the top, and into the top 20.

For team WTSG, it was the peak of their season today. After winning week four of Bravo and earning a spot in the Alpha group, the heavy-fragging Welcome to South Georgopool came into week five of the Alpha group and never backed down to the likes of Team Liquid or FaZe. Even after a slow start in round one, their ability to slay showed up big and carried them to a couple victories.

The forgotten aspect of their decisive win today was in how they stayed together, pushed the circle correctly, and landed the kills necessary when positioning lined up correctly. They even managed to finish second to FaZe in the second round meaning there was potential to take three of four rounds. Overall, fairly impressive showing from a team who was playing in Bravo last week.

Team Liquid and FaZe Build Leads

FaZe brought it today, despite a rather lackluster second half. The 36 kill total leads all qualified teams and was nine better than the next best team (team WTSG). No team moves quite like FaZe, and despite some odd circles that went against their position, FaZe still managed to stick to coordinate attacks without proper cover.

Team Liquid also had a nice afternoon and stuck to their basic game plan of slow-playing and focusing on circle positioning. In most cases, Team Liquid is in the best position with the most open space. This happened in the first two games, and it almost netted them two wins without a smart FaZe flank in the closing circle to seal the win.

The two sit second and third, respectively, in the Alpha group. One for their exceptional kill rating and the other for placing high in nearly every round with superior positioning. The team leading in overall points, the Knights, are doing a fairly good job in both categories, only sitting one kill behind FaZe for most in the GLL season two. The Knights also fought through some bad situations en route to a pretty successful week five.

FaZe and the Knights are in a dead heat for the top spot, only separated by a few hundred points. Team Liquid is a little farther down the list with the best overall pacing record, but 45 kills less than FaZe and Knights. Team WTSG looks like a serious threat moving forward. They’re unquestionably on a hot streak, but it will be interesting to see where that team ends up in season two.

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