CEO 2018 Melee and Smash 4 Seeding Preview

Thanks to Reddit user Kenniky, CEO 2018 seeding has been leaked for both Melee and Smash 4 giving us an idea of what the brackets will look like and how certain players are considered in terms of ranking. In terms of any questionable seeding, the consensus on this list is accurate outside of Crush over SFAT, and potentially 11-17 be moved around.

The current seeding will match up players like PwePewU vs Zain, or SFAT meeting Zain in losers. It will also match Zain with Leffen, which we’ve seen before being a problem for Leffen. It also pins mew2king vs Wizzrobe which adds in the Florida crowd, and the possibility of M2K losing to a Falcon-main in front of a large crowd.

So here’s the top 64 of CEO 2018 Melee Seeding (in order):

  1. Liquid` Hungrybox (Jigglypuff)
  2. PGRB l Plup (Sheik,Fox)
  3. TSM l Leffen (Fox)
  4. FOXMVG l Mew2King (Marth,Sheik)
  5. Wizzrobe (Captain Falcon)
  6. PG l Zain (Marth)
  7. CLG. SFAT (Fox)
  8. Tempo l S2J (Captain Falcon)
  9. Crush (Fox)
  10. OG l Swedish Delight (Sheik)
  11. CLG. PewPewU (Marth,Fox)
  12. ALG l n0ne (Captain Falcon,Ganondorf)
  13. DIG l HugS (Samus)
  14. lloD (Peach)
  15. MSF l La Luna (Marth)
  16. IMT l Shroomed (Sheik,Marth)
  17. CLN l AbsentPage (Fox)
  18. Balance l KJH (Fox)
  19. Balance l Syrox (Fox)
  20. SS l Colbol (Fox)
  21. TNC l ARMY (Ice Climbers)
  22. iBDW (Fox)
  23. Balance l Ginger (Falco)
  24. WaR 20GX l Gahtzu (Captain Falcon)
  25. MnT l 2saint (Jigglypuff)
  26. DaShizWiz (Falco)
  27. MVG l King Momo (Falco)
  28. Cal (Fox)
  29. OES l MilkMan (Fox)
  30. FSBR l $mike (Captain Falcon)
  31. Sharkz (Ice Climbers)
  32. Drunksloth (Ice Climbers)
  33. G$ (Falco,Marth,Fox)
  34. IFF l Excel_Zero (Peach)
  35. mayb (Peach)
  36. Zasa (Jigglypuff)
  37. Articanus (Marth)
  38. Voo (Falco)
  39. AMG l Arakune (Marth)
  40. HB l Gravy (Fox)
  41. TOX l prof (Marth,Sheik)
  42. Spiral Cafe l Krudo (Sheik)
  43. Tylenol (Fox)
  44. MKSF l lint (Falco)
  45. MKSF l Ryobeat (Peach)
  46. Yort (Falco)
  47. Magi (Falco)
  48. WSGP l Flipsy (Ice Climbers)
  49. Thomas Tipman (Ganondorf)
  50. Stockholm Syndrome (Peach,Bowser)
  51. KnK l LSD (Marth)
  52. TGL l Shamunt (Sheik)
  53. Liquid` Crunch (Fox)
  54. HIGH TEST l Chef Rach (Captain Falcon)
  55. Harriet (Fox)
  56. Flamin Roy (Fox)
  57. Ridz (Fox)
  58. Dublat (Marth)
  59. DR l Lein (Sheik)
  60. Barraca (Marth)
  61. Bab (Captain Falcon)
  62. BIGKID (Jigglypuff)
  63. Dash (Fox,Falco)
  64. HiFi (Jigglypuff)

On the other side of Smash token, here’s the Smash 4 top 64:

  1. FOXMVG l MkLeo (Marth,Cloud,Bayonetta)
  2. NRG l Nairo (Zero Suit Samus)
  3. Tweek (Bayonetta,Cloud)
  4. GRV l Dabuz (Rosalina)
  5. EMG l Mistake (Bayonetta)
  6. LiquidMVG l Salem (Bayonetta)
  7. 2GG l komorikiri (Cloud,Sonic)
  8. Samsora (Peach)
  9. MVG l Light (Fox)
  10. Cosmos (Corrin)
  11. MSF l Larry Lurr (Fox)
  12. YP l Fatality (Captain Falcon)
  13. Marss (Zero Suit Samus)
  14. bc l Mr.R (Sheik)
  15. PG l ESAM (Pikachu)
  16. uS l Elegant (Luigi)
  17. CaptainZack (Bayonetta)
  18. Abadango (Mewtwo,Bayonetta)
  19. DNG l Kameme (Megaman)
  20. Shuton (Olimar)
  21. CND l Raito (Duck Hunt)
  22. Wrath (Sonic)
  23. Manny (Sonic)
  24. Rags (Meta Knight)
  25. IMT RZR l ANTi (Mario,Cloud,Zero Suit Samus)
  26. falln (Rosalina)
  27. PG l MVD (Diddy Kong)
  28. E2C l tyroy (Bayonetta)
  29. Captain L (Pikachu,Jigglypuff)
  30. Charlie (Fox,Bayonetta)
  31. dyr (Diddy Kong)
  32. BKO l Ac (Meta Knight)
  33. MuteAce (Peach)
  34. DA l Sinji (Pac-Man)
  35. Myran (Olimar)
  36. EBM l Blank (Sheik)
  37. GGEA l Karna (Sheik)
  38. Ozone (Duck Hunt)
  39. NAKAT (Fox,Ness)
  40. MVG l ScAtt (Megaman)
  41. zaki (Kign Dedede)
  42. LGCY l Sharpyzard (Charizard)
  43. Pugwest (Marth)
  44. AMG l 8BitMan (R.O.B.,Diddy Kong)
  45. LH l K9sbruce (Diddy Kong,Sheik)
  46. Typo l Sonido (Sonic)
  47. GRV l Eon (Fox)
  48. EMGRB l SuperGirlKels (Sonic)
  49. Balance l Ryo (Ike,Corrin)
  50. SRC GGEA l Light The Lantern (Zero Suit Samus,Corrin)
  51. SYN l Miloni (Cloud)
  52. BxA l Zeta (Zero Suit Samus)
  53. Kiki (Diddy Kong)
  54. GGEA FX l Dakpo (Diddy Kong,Zero Suit Samus,Luigi)
  55. Child (Bayonetta)
  56. FS l Salt One (Cloud)
  57. VS l Master Raven (Sheik)
  58. Rideae (Pikachu)
  59. Lily l NovaPixl (Lucas,Ness)
  60. 1upGirlXaltis (Rosalina)
  61. RiotLettuce (Bayonetta)
  62. Deluxemenu (Bowser)
  63. Dath (Robin)
  64. OES l Eldin (Rosalina)

It’s safe to assume that the Smash 4 event will produce some much more excitement and hype with the number of top players in attendance. CEO 2018 sticks as one of the most sought-after Smash 4 events, that puts more of an emphasis on the Smash 4 side. Outside of Evo and Genesis, CEO is arguably Smash 4’s third most important event of the year.

Taking a look at round 2 finals, the round right before top 8, is a major onto itself. Unlike last week at 2GG: Hyrule Saga, Nairo will be in attendance making a little bit more difficult on Tweek to take back-to-back events. It will be interesting to see if Bayonetta continues her streak this weekend.

Featured photo courtesy of CEO Facebook

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